The preaching at Marble Hill UMC is Bible Based. It has been said that the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, was a man of one book, that book being the Bible, so in the tradition of that spirit, we too are people of that one book! Pastor Mike believes that God is a very big God, and that God does not need him to name and convict of sins! God will show each of us where we need to change, so Pastor Mike does not spend a lot of time preaching against things! He preaches about the grace of God, about the hope we have in Christ, about reaching out in love to all people, and about growing in the fruits of the Spirit. He lifts up the ideal and goal of what we should be in a positive way! Oh yes, the preaching is sometimes challenging, but he strives to not be condemning! Does this sound like the type of preaching you would like to hear? Then, come join us at Marble Hill United Methodist Church! If you would like to preview some of the past sermons or revisit them in a written or outline form, Pastor Mike posts them on a blog the Monday after they are preached. You can visit that blog by clicking on this link: